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Using Different Stance Animations
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It's probably a little too far into game development but I think a great feature to add to Diablo 3 is to give the classes different stance animation when they're in town as apposed to roaming around the outside world fighting monsters. Otherwise it makes the characters look overly hostile and defensive in neutral areas and creates a controlled AI feel rather than bringing the Gamer into a deeper experience. Just a thought...
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Q u o t e:
Some of the screenshots from the Gamescon press kit had the Barb standing next to the blacksmith. His arms were at his sides, totally relaxed. So with that, I'm guessing the mechanic is still present.

It is. What you saw of the monk was simply because his animations weren't complete yet. When you enter a town or while speaking with an NPC you take a relaxed, non-combat stance.


Irvine, CA. Says:
16 September 2010 at 03:15

wish i knew Italian, least google does the work for me with translator

SiriusUnrelated Says:
18 September 2010 at 01:20

I can't wait for the release of D3, been playing the Diablo series since I was a kid.

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